2021 FIC :11C50
Add:Ocean Square, Huiren Street, Dalian 116091
Factory: Yangting Town,Huancui Zone, Weihai, 264200 China

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    Greenutra Resource is a commitment to the natural raw material composition, formulation and application in the field of R&D, production and sales as one of the “one-step” work style natural product solution provider.For supplying safe and effective product, we invested a joint venture GMP factory Weihai Songling Nuokejia Herbal Medicine Co., Ltd
    Greenutra Resource in order to “Make Life Healthier and Better” as the enterprise vision, with “Satisfy Human’s Infinite Pursuit of Health” as the enterprise mission, relying on China’s vast range of plant resources, set good quality control platform, professional team and partners are committed to natural ingredients and formula development, production strictly under GMP standard. Greenutra’s products are widely used global nutrition, health care, medical treatment, functional food, beverage and cosmetics etc. 
is the core concept of enterprise managment:

     贵(Essential & Valuable) Greenutra Resource is committed to the traditional Chinese medicine keeping in good health concept and modern nutritional science perfect combination to provide essential, valuable and effective natural products;

    纽(Link & Bridge) Greenutra Resource is constructing the link and bridge of natural product resource and global nutrition industry, setting up the industry high quality “Made in China” corporate image, promoting the healthy development of industry;

    纯(Natural & Nutritional) Greenutra Resource promised to provide natural products comply with the United States and European Union’s industry standard, to provide safety and nutritional natural products;