2021 FIC :11C50
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   Taking operation technology and activity to achieve quality requirement is called quality control. Greenutra believes that the quality control is all kinds of quality operation, technology and activities to monitor quality forming process, to eliminate all effect factors not qualified or not satisfied in every quality points, in order to achieve the quality requirements, obtain economic benefit
   Greenutra Resource is going to be survival and develop in the fierce market competition only by directional strategic choice not enough. Reality tells us that any enterprise competition is inseparable from the “product quality” competition. No perfect product quality, enterprise will disappear in the tide of market economy. And quality problem as the most difficult to control and the most easily to occur often let supplier pain in the neck. Small consequences are return loss, and large consequences are customer loss, closed down. Therefore, how to effective process control is the key to ensure the product quality and improve the product quality, also is the core to promote development of Greenutra as well as the core to win the market.