2017 CPHI :Shanghai E3F98
2017 Fi Asia:Thailand  Z22

Add:Huizhi Garden, Ocean Square, 
Dalian 116033 China
Factory: Yangting Town,Huancui Zone, Weihai, 264200 China

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Product Name Active Ingredients and Content Function and Effect
Aminophylline 84.0%~87.4% Improvement respiratory system function
Astaxanthin 1.0%~87.4% Antioxidant
Bromelain 1000~2400GDU/200000~1200000ug Food bake/Functional food
Chitosan 90% Reducing blood fat and sugar level
Chondroitin Sulphate 90% Joint health
Coenzyme Q10 98.0% ~101% C59H90O4 Cardiovascular protection/Anti-aging
D-Glucosamine 98.0% ~102%HCL/potassium salt Joint health
Egg Powder Whole/white/yolk Nutrition Enhancement
Ferulic acid 98% Anti-platelet aggregation
Inositol NF12 Cholesterol Lowing
Ipriflavone 98.5-101.0% Improve osteoporosis
Konac gum 95% glucomannan Weight management
L-Arginine 98.5%-101.5%USP Immunity Enhancement
L-Carnitine Base/Tartrate/Fumarate/HCL/Acetyl Lose Weight
L-Glutathion 98%-101% Immunity Enhancement/Anti-Oxygen
Lutein 5%-80%HPLC Anti-Oxygen
Lycopene 5%-98%HPLC


MSM 98%-102%USP Multifunction
Papain 100000-100000ug Food bake/Functional food
Policosanol/Octacosanol Octacosanol 12%/50%/60%/90%GC Anti-Fatigue
Proanthocyanidins Proanthocyanidins 95% Anti-Oxygen
Stevia 85%-98%/REB-A 40%-98% Sweetening Agent
  • Lutein


  • Proanthocyanidins (OPC)

    Proanthocyanidins (OPC)

  • Lycopene